The Development we need for the future we want

In this article, Fr Kyara argues that basic science and not mere innovation is a crucial component for increased productivity and sustainable economic progress. He uses Kenya, perhaps one of the fastest-growing ICT markets in the world as an example. What he says about Kenya can be applied in the rest of Africa.

Technology for sustainable development in Africa

The importance of technology on achieving sustainable development cannot be overemphasized and African nations ought to embrace technological advancements in order to remain competitive on the global scene and ultimately, achieve sustainable development.

St Kizito Parish at 50

At 50, St Kizito parish can be proud of very many achievements. The Comboni missionaries-run parish among other things has uplifted the lives of the youth. Importantly, in line with the mission of any parish, it has helped young people to encounter Christ. One of them, now an adult narrates the heartwarming story of St Kizito Parish situated in Lusaka Zambia.  He also suggests valuable lessons for the church to embrace if she is to win today’s youth.

Church and mission

Limiting consumption, not people

All too often, the few rich and fortunate inhabitants of this unjust world demand – and even order and impose – that the many ‘cursed of the earth’ diminish in number, so that they themselves are not forced to change their all-devouring lifestyles.

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Recognising the hidden witnesses

Every Christian can be a guide in life and a teacher of faith, through informal teaching, daily encounters and chats, the concreteness of life, and the beauty and hardships of human experience. Such an ‘ancient ministry’ has been formally acknowledged.

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Accomplice or transformer

Only a direct exposure of the Church to the peripheries of the world, paired with a critical reflection, can change her perspective on the world and trigger a new imagination of the future of humanity.

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Bioregional incarnation

The world is increasingly hostage to a deep and broad ecological crisis. Stalking us for centuries, it is now upon us in the interlocking catastrophes of climate destruction, habitat degradation, species extinction, and resource exhaustion.

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The greatest challenge

After criticising what is inhumane, violent, degrading and exclusionary in today’s closed world, obscured by dark clouds, in Fratelli tutti, Pope Francis proposes possible paths that can lead us to fraternity and social friendship, thus fulfilling God’s dream for the world.

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