“We believe in the power of cultural exchange, sharing our love for God with the people and learning from them as well,” Linda Micheletti.

Linda, an Italian Comboni Lay Missionary living in Kitalakapel, West Pokot, Kenya, dedicates her life to serving the community through education and pastoral work, overcoming challenges and embracing cultural exchange to fulfill her calling.

Linda, an Italian Comboni Lay Missionary, has dedicated her life to serving others in Kitalakapel, West Pokot, Kenya. Living in an international community with Pius from Uganda and Maya from Poland, Linda focuses on teaching life skills, tutoring in primary schools, and engaging in various pastoral activities.

“We believe in the power of cultural exchange, sharing our love for God with the people and learning from them as well,” Linda explained. Her commitment to mutual learning and growth embodies the motto of Saint Daniel Comboni: “Save Africa with Africa.”

Linda’s journey began at a Salesian parish during secondary school, where she first felt called to a life of serving others as a missionary. “I think I was meant to be a missionary; I received the call a very long time ago,” she said. Despite fears of inadequacy and financial insecurity, Linda pursued her passion, studying Kiswahili and teaching English in Kenya and Sudan.

In Sudan, Linda connected with the Comboni Fathers and rediscovered her passion for missionary work. “I realized that as a layperson, I could be useful to others,” she said. After completing her formation with the Comboni Lay Missionaries in Italy, she was chosen for a pioneering project in Kenya due to her fluency in Kiswahili and understanding of African cultures.

Linda faces challenges, including limited resources and occasional loneliness, but finds fulfillment in her work. “There is a certain level of frustration from seeing many needs but knowing you are limited,” she admitted. Nevertheless, the joy she experiences from helping others and fostering community bonds keeps her motivated.

Her message to young people emphasizes the need for more missionaries: “We need people. Seriously,” Linda urged. She believes that the life of a missionary is enriching and encourages others to trust in their faith and take the leap. “You just have to trust that God will help you,” she said, sharing her belief in the transformative power of service.

Linda’s story highlights her courage, faith, and unwavering dedication to serving others, embodying the true spirit of a Comboni Lay Missionary.

By Robin Moline Atieno.

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