Pope at Mass in Trieste: Embracing the ‘Scandal’ of Faith

Credit: Vatican News

During a Mass in Trieste marking the end of the 50th Italian Catholic Social Week, Pope Francis emphasized the need for what he termed the “scandal of faith.” This concept, he explained, involves a faith that deeply engages with human history, becoming a source of hope and a catalyst for positive change in the world.

In his homily, Pope Francis highlighted that Jesus was often rejected by those in His hometown because they only saw Him as the “son of Joseph the carpenter,” failing to recognize the divine wisdom and miracles He brought. The Pope contrasted the appeal of a strong and powerful God with the discomfort caused by a God who is vulnerable and sacrifices Himself for others, as Jesus did on the Cross.

Pope Francis argued that this “scandal of faith” is crucial in today’s world. He called for a faith that is actively involved in addressing the world’s problems, grounded in the reality of the Incarnation. Such a faith, he said, should make a tangible impact on people’s lives, becoming a beacon of hope and a seed for a new, better world.

He urged the faithful to find God in the “dark corners” of life, among those who are marginalized and forgotten. He criticized the tendency to be scandalized by minor issues while remaining indifferent to significant injustices, such as the suffering of migrants and prisoners.

Like Jesus, who stayed true to His mission despite rejection and execution, Christians are called to be prophets and witnesses to God’s Kingdom in all circumstances. Pope Francis encouraged believers to be outraged by situations where life is degraded and to embody the Gospel’s prophetic message through their actions.

Addressing the Church in Trieste specifically, the Pope urged continued efforts to spread the Gospel of hope, especially to those arriving from the Balkan route and others in need of support. He concluded by appealing for unity and cooperation, reminding everyone of their shared status as beloved children of God, called to live as brothers and sisters to all.


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