About us

Welcome to the New People Media Centre, your source for missionary stories and global issues. We are one of the largest Catholic Media Houses in Africa, founded and operated by Comboni missionaries actively working on the continent.

For more than 30 years, we have offered comprehensive analyses of current issues and championed Africa’s integral development rooted in Gospel values. Our flagship publication, New People, is available both online and in print.

Located in Nairobi, Kenya, our mission is to champion inclusivity, human dignity, solidarity, justice, peace, and preserving the integrity of creation.

Inspired by the legacy of St. Daniel Comboni, the New People Media Centre is committed to advancing the holistic development of individuals and the propagation of gospel values, with a special focus on Africa. Our publication, New People, proudly embodies the motto “The African Church open to the world.”

The New People Media Centre


To be a leading Comboni and Catholic Media Centre that promotes Africa’s evangelization and social transformation.


Our mission is to foster missionary awareness in the African Church, to advance justice, peace, and prosperity across Africa, to disseminate and adapt the Catholic Social Teaching within an African context, to provide high-quality information and in-depth analyses, and to bolster alternative journalism on the continent.


Truth, Ethics, Objectivity, Innovation, Accountability, Justice, Solidarity, Integrity, Respect, Dialogue, Empowerment, Openness, Plurality.