As the of use social media among young people becomes more complex and ubiquitous, the use of new media among youths for evangelization has now emerged as imperative. Using the New Media Theory, the objectives of this exploration are threefold. Firstly, this inquiry seeks to explore how catholic youths in Nairobi are using new media for evangelization. Secondly, this study wants to determine the extent to which catholic youths in Nairobi use new media for evangelization. Thirdly, this study strives to establish how new media affect evangelization among catholic youths in Nairobi. This quantitative study will adopt the exploratory research design. The Archdiocese of Nairobi due to its cosmopolitan nature has been purposively chosen. On the other hand, through a multistage sampling method a sample size of 40 will be randomly sampled. Data from respondents will be collected through a questionnaire. Thereafter, the researcher will code the data and analysis the it using a statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) Microsoft software.  Meantime, the Catholic Church acknowledges that the best placed people to evangelize young people today are young people themselves. However, no research work has been done by the Catholic Church in Nairobi on how young people who are social media enthusiasts use new media for evangelization purposes. Thus, rather than highlighting the negative impact of social media, the church stands to benefit from a researched conclusion on how on youths use new media for evangelization. Therefore, findings from this study can help the Catholic Church in Nairobi and beyond to adopt, promote and appropriate new media for evangelization in today’s digital era.

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On 11th February 2024, Côte d’Ivoire emerged champions of the delayed 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON). The Elephants of Ivory Coast edged the Super Eagles of Nigeria 2–1 in Abidjan. This final saw Diana Chikotesha of Zambia become the first female referee to officiate as a second assistant referee in a men’s AFCON final.

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