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Bad friends


Leopard, Goat, Guinea Fowl and Wild Cat were all good friends.  They lived together in the same place, where there was good water and cool places to sleep.
Goat’s children were very strong and healthy.  They could stand on their back legs and eat the leaves from the shrubs that other animals could not reach.  Leopard’s children were not very strong and could not run as fast as Leopard children normally run, and their coats were dull and matted.

When Leopard saw Goat’s children playing in the grass, her heart was filled with hatred.  These children made her own children look so thin and weak that she wished that they could be got rid of.  In that way, her own children would be the healthiest and strongest in that place.  But how was she to get Goat to go away? She decided to trick Goat to go and look for a new dress for her. She told her she had been invited to a party by her cousins.
Goat agreed to Leopard’s request, and off she went. She left her children behind, telling them not to wander away but to stay within the sight of Leopard, who would look after them.  The children were very obedient, and agreed to do what their mother had asked them.

With Goat gone, Leopard crouched down and began to stalk Goat’s children. Not knowing the danger, Leopard seized them and carried them back to her place by the scruff of their necks.  The children thought that this was a game, as Leopard was their mother’s friend, they continued to laugh and smile as they were dragged along. Leopard then tied up their mouths and wrapped them in leaves.  Now they were bundles ready to take off to the party, where Leopard and her cousins would eat them.  Unknown to Leopard though, Guinea Fowl and Wild Cat had watched in dismay what the Leopard did.  They could not believe that Leopard would be wicked enough to do such a thing. Shortly afterwards, Goat returned bearing the new dress for Leopard. While Leopard was busy trying on her new dress, Guinea Fowl and Wild Cat crept round to the place where the parcels were stored and they took the leaves off Goat’s children.

“You must go and hide” they said to the children “Make sure that Leopard doesn’t see you”. Goat’s children, shocked by what had happened to them, hid in the bushes. Guinea Fowl and Wild Cat overpowered Leopard’s children and wrapped them in the very leaves which only a short time ago had been wrapped around Goat’s children.
It was now time for everybody to set off to the party.  Leopard, who was pleased with herself did not bother to find out where her children were, and had no idea that they were inside the parcels she was carrying.
When they arrived at the party, Leopard told her cousins that they should put the parcels into the pot unopened.  She did not want Goat, to see that her children were being put into the pot.  Guinea Fowl, realized the danger that they were in, and whispered to Goat and Wild Cat that they should run away before the parcels were taken out of the pot.

When Leopard took out the parcels from the pot and saw her own children had been cooked, she was angry and run back so that she could catch Goat and her children. By the time she got there, they had left. That is why to this day we see Leopards searching for Goats.


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