From Pastoralist to Shepherd in the Church

Growing up in a Comboni-run parish, young Etabo found himself irresistibly drawn to the missionaries. Their close connection with his community inspired Etabo to contemplate joining their ranks.

An architect turned brother

He first came to Africa as a student of architecture. The visit changed his life. While touring missions in Tanzania with his friends, he encountered Africa’s Ubuntu and hospitality.

At the service of the gospel

“When I look back over my life, I realise how my vocation has evolved. I see that at the beginning I felt a deep desire to be useful, to serve, to help others. Over time I have discovered my vulnerability and weakness”.

Serving is enough reward

After 20 years of ministry as a missionary doctor, Juan Carlos still looks forward to what God has in store for him every day. His great joy is the opportunity […]

Bringing out the best in people

He specialised in Metallic Construction, shaping objects of copper and steel, because he wanted to improve the life of people around him. He ended up modelling young people who want to transform the world.

I hitched my wagon to a star

“I am totally paralysed, but I feel a fullness of mind and heart that surprises me, and I dream of an accomplishment that I have not yet experienced…  This wheelchair has become the best of the pulpits for me”.

Seduced by a camel driver

A young boy sees a cameleer painted in one of his father’s frescos. He asks for his name. The answer is a revelation. Gradually, he discards the camel and falls in love with that man and with all he stands for: “love for the most abandoned”

Bumps are what you climb on

He always felt that God was calling him. For a while, he resisted that voice, up to the point of being ready to call it quits. Eventually, he yielded to […]

Brother among brothers

There is no ‘buddy’ like a brother. And a Comboni brother is just that: a friend who, after being seduced by Christ and his mission, becomes all things to all […]