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Our video studio has been in operation since 2003. We are now able to produce video in a diversity of formats. New People Images produces awareness videos on Church activities.For more information contact the editor at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Breast Cancer is the second most diagnosed from of cancer in Kenya, however, while incidences are low as compared to Western countries breast cancer mortality is relatively high due to late presentation of the disease. This documentary tries to focus on breast cancer symptoms and available treatment options from medical practitioners in Kenya as well as personal accounts of Breast cancer survivors in Kenya.


Kibera Kings: Artists with a Cause: Kibera is located 7km South West of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital. This is the second largest slum in the continent, after Soweto in South Africa, and it is home to an estimated 1million people.  Kibera Kings: Artists with a Cause is a story about a group of artists from Kibera who are making use of their talents in music to entertain as well as educate their community.


The second African Synod is dedicated to Reconciliation and Justice. This DVD focuses on the efforts of the Church in Kenya, in collaboration with the Kenyan government, in reconciling warring communities in the North Rift.


Museums generally have artefacts that were or are of high sentimental value to a community. Building Peace focuses on a unique museum, The Akamba Peace Museum. This unique museum is located in Machakos, Kenya, for more order your copy NOW!

Embers of Hope - Drama Film
After seven years of studying medicine in the city, Edose (Moses Mungai), returns to his village of Igodomigodo ready to help his fellow villagers with his newly acquired knowledge. However the village diviner, Ogiobo (Peter Irungu), bears a message for the young returnee.
The gods have chosen Edose to serve them in deep recess of the caves not as a doctor; the young doctor is not convinced of the gods’ decision. Edose decides to stand his ground risking all in serving his people... and change the traditions of Igodomigodo.
Duration 40 min approx. (Click on picture to watch trailer)





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