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Sudan: Renewed fighting at the border near disputed oil field (Monday,23 April)

Fighting broke out on the border between Sudan and South Sudan, shortly after the South pulled out of a disputed border town. South Sudanese military officials say they repulsed ground and air attacks. Sudan confirmed there had been clashes, which come after 10 days of fighting over the oilfield town of Heglig. Satellite pictures of the Heglig area released on Sunday suggest key oil installations were badly damaged in the fighting and are no longer operating. The pictures were analysed by the US-funded Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) which says it is impossible to know who was responsible for the damage. Sudan and South Sudan have accused each other of attacking oil facilities. On Friday South Sudan said it was withdrawing from Heglig, while Sudan said it forced out the South's troops. Access to the disputed border region around Heglig is limited, making it difficult to verify what is happening in the area. The renewed fighting has been taking place to the south of the Heglig oilfields, although it is unclear which side of the disputed border it is happening. The satellite pictures provided by SSP suggest that the oil industry has been deliberately targeted in the earlier fighting.

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